10 Aug
The whole purpose of this blog is to explore different ways to workout OTHER than in a traditional gym setting. So today, let’s talk a little about taking your workout OUTSIDE. One example would be what I did today. Sprint and drills incorporating a baseball diamond, playground equipment and a soccer field. For example:
Using the benches for steps ups (the ones on my local diamond are HIGH…lucky me) and running the diamond in between sets
Using the bike rack for hanging leg raises
Overhead bars can be used for pull ups and chin ups
We have a grassy hill. It begs to be ran up & down numerous times
The soccer field is great. Put a big a$$ kettlebell at one end and a mat at the other. Sprint to one end and do 30 sec of KB swings, sprint to the other and and do 30 sec of burpees.
Another, more extreme example of outdoor fitness is brought to us by the incredible Erwan Le Corre, founder of MOVNAT, which “enables people to make faster, safer and broader progress in the practice of natural movement skills“. The video below shows just some of the inspirational outdoor practices of MoveNat, but does NOT show coaching or the training methods necessary to the safety of the MovNat experience. Erwan refers to current humanity as “zoo humans” – people who exist in a falsely constructed environment, and encourages everyone to “experience their true nature“…”to be strong, healthy, happy and free“. Based upon the video, you’d believe that MovNat was simply the use of the natural landscape to facilitate fitness – dig deeper and you’ll see that these courses teach so much more. Key to the teachings are biomechanics, specifically, running, walking and crawling. Breathing, mental control and natural health are also on the syllabus. With courses held in Thailand and various US states, you’re sure to, at the very least, experience nature at its finest.
Visit information about courses. MovNat is a philosophy and practice designed to help one get closer to their natural, primal roots. Okay Erwan…so when are you coming to Canada???



To learn more, visit

Visit MOVNAT on your social network of choice!


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  1. Gail August 10, 2011 at 4:54 pm #

    Just a little extreme!

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