A TUFF Update!

19 Aug

The Tuff Cookie is hard at work lining up interviews, profiles and vids with lots of fun and informative peeps!

Coming up soon: I’ll be stopping by WARRIOR 1 TRAINING to hang with owner Robbie Craig and get my butt kicked! Also, I’ll be heading to RPM Laser Therapy to talk with Certified Laser Therapist Rey Portillo, to see how laser therapy can help with pain and inflammation.

As many of you already know, I was in a skiing accident on December 31, 2010. I was left with what’s known in the skiing community as a “boot top” (ie. a broken fibula caused by traumatic impact to the back of the calf bythe top of the ski boot). The result? A pretty big bummer of a New Years Eve and a hell of a self-rehab experiment. I still have a little swelling (which is more aesthetically displeasing than it is painful), so I’m gonna see if Rey can help me out.

In the meantime… tomorrow I’m heading to The Consumer Fitness & Wellness Show to see what is going on. My good friend “Crystal Beth” (the famous voice of “Tha O Show” are going to check out the vendors and a couple of the speakers on this years lineup including fitness model and business woman Trish Stratus. Check back for an update on what went down!


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