The Tuff Cookie Gets AIRBORN!

20 Sep

After a little hiatus, I’m back in the groove. Everyone needs a little break, right? Right?

I got a new job that took up most of my brain power for the last couple weeks, but now that things are settling down, I’ve been antsy to really try something new. I was thinking of some hot yoga, but needed a little more socializing than inner reflection. Boy did I find what I needed at Aerial Yoga at P3 Yoga in Pickering!

I was a little bewildered at first; the studio is in the middle of a barren industrial park. But once inside I was greeted by a firecracker named Suzanne Hennig, who owns the studio and created their trademark aerial program “Zero-Gravity Yoga”.

P3 Founder Suzanne Hennig

Friendly and in great shape, its quite obvious that she loves what she does. Once we got chatting Suzanne divulged that we had come into contact before at Excel Fitness, a small independent gym in Pickering. She had seen me slugging away on the rower, cast still on and crutches at the ready.

The small class size allowed everyone to get a “silk” (a fabric hammock used for suspension) although I was cautioned that the classes do get really FULL from time to time. We immediately started using the silk to facilitate traditional poses and gain a deeper stretch. At first it was an odd and slightly scary feeling to allow myself to rely on the silk to support my body weight.  Suzanne encouraged me to engage my core to stabilize full and partial suspensions. Before the class I was skeptical that the silk would be useful for anything other than inversions. In traditional yoga, head and handstands are used to strengthen the core and spinal column and increase blood flow to the brain. But in aerial yoga you can take inversions and stretches to your personal maximum by eliminating gravity entirely.  While I can do head and

Suspended Full Wheel

handstands on the ground, there are still many back bends  I find difficult, such as “full wheel“. By placing the silk in the small of my back and using gravity to just hang out, I was able to push myself further without the fear of falling out of it and smashing my face on the ground! Sweet!

There is a certain amount of flexibility required to engage in this sort of yoga, but once you’ve gained some basic yoga knowledge and skill, the Zero Gravity Yoga can help you push beyond your limits. I was pleasantly surprised to be quite sore 2 days later. And, although none is required, some grace can be helpful!

Over all, I rate this (out of 5):

Fun – 5
Worth the cost – 4
Challenging – 5

This is a definite must-return class. Hopefully, I can get some pics to post! I highly recommend this class to ALL TUFF COOKIES!


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