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18 Oct
Just like exercise, a little laughter everyday can improve your health in many ways. Need proof? Read on…




11 Oct

In preparation for the cold months ahead, I’ve decided to take the few remaining weeks of nice weather and be outside as much as possible. So, tonight I planned a hike at Seaton Trail in Pickering; having never been (and going it alone), I went prepared with the terrain map and a compass plugged into my phone. The weather was beautiful and with Sumac and milk weed as far as I eye could see I set off.

I took a walk for about 20 minutes to warm up “old fathful” (when I broke my leg it lovingly got nicknamed) down the rocky path and when the trees started to get a little more dense, I took off.  Dense forest, fallen logs and rolling streams are just the beginning and its amazing what a run like that can do for the soul. I was a little worried about getting lost, but remembering my grade school orienteering I kept a close watch that the sun stayed on my right and made mental notes about landmarks I saw.

Every so often I stopped to take a snapshot with my phone and was amazed at the differences in landscape that Seaton Trail had to offer. Forty minutes in I thought it was a good idea to turn around and head back, while it was still light.

Being outside is definitely a nice change from staring at the person’s head in front of you on the treadmill and it doesn’t even feel like a workout. While Canada only offers about 6 months of hiking weather, it’s worth it to find a trail and get those Tuff Cookie buns outdoors! HAPPY TRAILS!

The Tuff Cookie Gets AIRBORN!

20 Sep

After a little hiatus, I’m back in the groove. Everyone needs a little break, right? Right?

I got a new job that took up most of my brain power for the last couple weeks, but now that things are settling down, I’ve been antsy to really try something new. I was thinking of some hot yoga, but needed a little more socializing than inner reflection. Boy did I find what I needed at Aerial Yoga at P3 Yoga in Pickering!

I was a little bewildered at first; the studio is in the middle of a barren industrial park. But once inside I was greeted by a firecracker named Suzanne Hennig, who owns the studio and created their trademark aerial program “Zero-Gravity Yoga”.

P3 Founder Suzanne Hennig

Friendly and in great shape, its quite obvious that she loves what she does. Once we got chatting Suzanne divulged that we had come into contact before at Excel Fitness, a small independent gym in Pickering. She had seen me slugging away on the rower, cast still on and crutches at the ready.

The small class size allowed everyone to get a “silk” (a fabric hammock used for suspension) although I was cautioned that the classes do get really FULL from time to time. We immediately started using the silk to facilitate traditional poses and gain a deeper stretch. At first it was an odd and slightly scary feeling to allow myself to rely on the silk to support my body weight.  Suzanne encouraged me to engage my core to stabilize full and partial suspensions. Before the class I was skeptical that the silk would be useful for anything other than inversions. In traditional yoga, head and handstands are used to strengthen the core and spinal column and increase blood flow to the brain. But in aerial yoga you can take inversions and stretches to your personal maximum by eliminating gravity entirely.  While I can do head and

Suspended Full Wheel

handstands on the ground, there are still many back bends  I find difficult, such as “full wheel“. By placing the silk in the small of my back and using gravity to just hang out, I was able to push myself further without the fear of falling out of it and smashing my face on the ground! Sweet!

There is a certain amount of flexibility required to engage in this sort of yoga, but once you’ve gained some basic yoga knowledge and skill, the Zero Gravity Yoga can help you push beyond your limits. I was pleasantly surprised to be quite sore 2 days later. And, although none is required, some grace can be helpful!

Over all, I rate this (out of 5):

Fun – 5
Worth the cost – 4
Challenging – 5

This is a definite must-return class. Hopefully, I can get some pics to post! I highly recommend this class to ALL TUFF COOKIES!

A TUFF Update!

19 Aug

The Tuff Cookie is hard at work lining up interviews, profiles and vids with lots of fun and informative peeps!

Coming up soon: I’ll be stopping by WARRIOR 1 TRAINING to hang with owner Robbie Craig and get my butt kicked! Also, I’ll be heading to RPM Laser Therapy to talk with Certified Laser Therapist Rey Portillo, to see how laser therapy can help with pain and inflammation.

As many of you already know, I was in a skiing accident on December 31, 2010. I was left with what’s known in the skiing community as a “boot top” (ie. a broken fibula caused by traumatic impact to the back of the calf bythe top of the ski boot). The result? A pretty big bummer of a New Years Eve and a hell of a self-rehab experiment. I still have a little swelling (which is more aesthetically displeasing than it is painful), so I’m gonna see if Rey can help me out.

In the meantime… tomorrow I’m heading to The Consumer Fitness & Wellness Show to see what is going on. My good friend “Crystal Beth” (the famous voice of “Tha O Show” are going to check out the vendors and a couple of the speakers on this years lineup including fitness model and business woman Trish Stratus. Check back for an update on what went down!


10 Aug
The whole purpose of this blog is to explore different ways to workout OTHER than in a traditional gym setting. So today, let’s talk a little about taking your workout OUTSIDE. One example would be what I did today. Sprint and drills incorporating a baseball diamond, playground equipment and a soccer field. For example:
Using the benches for steps ups (the ones on my local diamond are HIGH…lucky me) and running the diamond in between sets
Using the bike rack for hanging leg raises
Overhead bars can be used for pull ups and chin ups
We have a grassy hill. It begs to be ran up & down numerous times
The soccer field is great. Put a big a$$ kettlebell at one end and a mat at the other. Sprint to one end and do 30 sec of KB swings, sprint to the other and and do 30 sec of burpees.
Another, more extreme example of outdoor fitness is brought to us by the incredible Erwan Le Corre, founder of MOVNAT, which “enables people to make faster, safer and broader progress in the practice of natural movement skills“. The video below shows just some of the inspirational outdoor practices of MoveNat, but does NOT show coaching or the training methods necessary to the safety of the MovNat experience. Erwan refers to current humanity as “zoo humans” – people who exist in a falsely constructed environment, and encourages everyone to “experience their true nature“…”to be strong, healthy, happy and free“. Based upon the video, you’d believe that MovNat was simply the use of the natural landscape to facilitate fitness – dig deeper and you’ll see that these courses teach so much more. Key to the teachings are biomechanics, specifically, running, walking and crawling. Breathing, mental control and natural health are also on the syllabus. With courses held in Thailand and various US states, you’re sure to, at the very least, experience nature at its finest.
Visit information about courses. MovNat is a philosophy and practice designed to help one get closer to their natural, primal roots. Okay Erwan…so when are you coming to Canada???



To learn more, visit

Visit MOVNAT on your social network of choice!

IT’S POLL TIME! How’s Your Fitness Routine?

8 Aug

I get bored VERY easily. Although its widely accepted that fitness routines should be periodized, even the most varied gym program can’t keep my attention for very long if I’m stuck in the “box”. I need new settings, new people and new exercises to keep me amped up. What about you? Take the poll and let’s see how many of you need a change.

The Early Bird…

8 Aug

6 am comes pretty early some days. Beefy likes it even less than I do…


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